At Hatsun Badminton Centre, we understand the role of infrastructure in the life and development of an athlete and have built an integrated facility with cutting-edge products and equipment.

8 badminton courts

  • 8 fully equipped courts, with a scalable poterntial of up to 16.
  • Specially designed suspension flooring to reduce impact stress on the body.


  • Well-furnished, air-conditioned dormitories and twin-shared rooms with attached restrooms, individual storage cabinets, and locker facilities.
  • Air-conditioned guestrooms for visiting parents.
  • Inhouse state-of-the-art kitchen with qualified chefs and dining facilities.


  • Spacious air-conditioned, state-of-the-art gymnasium with the latest sport-specific equipment and amenities.

Athletic Track

  • 200m, 6-lane athletic track for outdoor fitness and training needs.
  • Natural grass turf for training and recreational play.

Swimming Pool, Steam, and Ice Bath

  • Swimming pool, steam rooms (separate for boys and girls), and ice bath amenities to facilitate active recovery, relaxation, and aqua therapy treatments for rehabilitation from injury.

Computer Room

  • A dedicated computer room to facilitate:
  • Match Analysis
  • Online Education

Support Facilities

  • To supplement the training, the centre also has
  • Dedicated physiotherapy room with the necessary equipment.
  • Audio-Visual room.
  • Hi-Tech Conference room.
  • Separate Study/Common room for boys and girls with recreational amenities.


  • Exclusive partnership with a nearby CBSE school that offers a flexible attendance plan.
  • Additional learning support is provided by an experienced home tutor.